February 28, 2018

Planner Fun & Happy Mail

Hello everyone,

well, first things first, the new planner inserts for March are available for download. As per usual, please go to the Planner Inserts page to grab your copy!

Besides the March inserts I also have another planner goodie for you - a Harry Potter Movie Tracker :) Its design is pretty basic so there's plenty of space to add some color if you like.

I am wondering, are there any inserts you would like me to add to my collection? Any special trackers, overviews, etc? Maybe a special format like A5 for example? If so, please let me know in the comments below and I will see what I can do :)

Apart from that I decorated my planner just recently with some easy self-made stickers. For the stickers I simply printed a couple of nice pictures I found via Google Picture Search as well as some of my own printables on a sheet of sticker paper. This made me think I should create more printables throughout the year, it's so much fun to work with them :)

Okay, so one might get the impression my world solely turns around planners and such. Well, I am happy to tell you that's not the case :) There are also other fun things like for example some Happy Mail I created and sent out in January. It has arrived by now so it's safe to share ;)

Happy Mail for my friend Kristin
I am soooo in love with wax seals lately :)

Happy Mail sent to my friend Sarra in Algeria

Happy Mail sent to my friend Dena in the United States

Well, that's it for today. Happy planning and crafting y'all!


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