December 20, 2017

Things are about to change next year - but just a tiny little bit

Hello everyone,

today I am not sharing anything crafty with you. Instead I will give you an idea of how I plan to proceed with this little blog of mine throughout 2018.

Christmas is near, so 2017 is slowly but steadily coming to an end. That's usually the time when people start thinking about those famous resolutions for the new year, about what they will do differently once the calendar marks the 1st of January. But before I get started on my plans for the upcoming year, let me wish all of you

*** Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays ***

The titel of this post already indicates small changes Paper, Wool & Yarn will quite possibly undergo. Well, yes. I will change a few things. But not much.

A truly magical friend of mine - her name is Dena, go check out her blog and YouTube channel - does have this wonderful tradition. She chooses a word for every year as part of her intentions.
And I decided that for 2018 I will do so as well. And my word will be *Grounding*.

Grounding can mean quite a lot so let's focus on what it means in context of my social media presence. And that is quite simple actually:
I am working on a more clear social media concept.

I do currently have accounts on Blogger (quite obviously), Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. Quite frankly, that's too much for me. With a regular day job that keeps me busy 40+ hours per week and this blog being an unpaid hobby, I simply don't have the time to keep all of those up to date and neatly organized. So down-sizing is the key.

Before I go into detail, let me just quickly assure you that I'll stick to Blogger so Paper, Wool & Yarn is save :)

But Instagram, Google+ and Twitter will have to go. That being said, I won't delete those accounts, I'll just not longer post there. My Instagram account has already been emptied out quite a while ago, Google+ and Twitter are about to follow soon. At the beginning of this month I even disconnected my G+ account from my Blogger account and returned to my old Blogger profile.
My Pinterest account will stay as my private account only. I won't be sharing anything Paper, Wool & Yarn related there any longer and I'll remove the link to it in my sidebar.

That leaves us with Blogger and YouTube. Those two will stay with Blogger being my main focus. But I'll make tiny changes to my posting schedule.
New blog posts will be published every two weeks. This way I am trying to make sure I am putting out good quality content plus I also hope to be able to keep up blogging throughout the whole year without those nasty week-long breaks due to missing ideas and crafting projects. In addition to that I'll try to record and upload at least one YouTube video per month.

Apart from that I decided to give the woo woo stuff a separate home. That means there will be a second blog for everything spiritual at some point in time. But that baby is still in development and not ready for go live yet.

Alright, that's it for today - and for 2017 I'm afraid as I'll be taking the rest of the year off :)

If you have any questions regarding my new social media concept, please leave a comment below.

See you all in 2018!!!


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