November 8, 2017

Someone's busy

Hello everyone,

is it just me or is time passing by like extremely fast at the moment? I am already counting the days until Christmas which is approaching quickly and there's still so much to do before the end of the year. So many points on my to-do list, so little time...

I have to confess, I sort of fell off the planning wagon a little while ago and it took me weeks to get back on track. In fact I just found back to my old planner girl self last Sunday. And it all began with a simple brain dump. I just got so overwhelmed with all the things that required my attention. Writing it all down seemed like the best option. Afterwards I started sorting my notes. I created little to-do entries for the upcoming days, wrote down shopping lists and so on. It felt good. It still feels good.

my daily habit tracker for the next two weeks

Last Thursday we had a short power outage in my district. I just came home from work and started doing the laundry when the lights began to flicker and went out. For about 30 minutes we were without electricity. First I thought that just my apartment was affected. But after meeting a few neighbours outdoors I figured the whole neighbourhood was without light and therefore without electricity. Well, it didn't last long so it wasn't such a biggy. But things like that don't happen that often where I live. Luckily I was well equipped with candles (I knew buying candles in bulk at IKEA would pay off one day!) and flash lights.

Magical evening sky last Sunday

Luckily besides all the household chores and such I also found some time to be creative. I am currently in the process of recreating planner spreads I used in my 2017 Leuchtturm planner for my 2018 Filofax planner. Oh and I am thinking about sharing them with you when they're finished. Downloadable pdf files I thought would be convenient.

Well, that's it for today. Unfortunately, not so many crafty thingies, I know, I'm sorry. Next week I will give you a sneak peak of the planner spreads mentioned. I am not sure yet when I'll make the pdf files available. But stay tuned, I'll keep you posted.


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