November 29, 2017

Planner Updates - New Inserts included

Hello everyone,

I've finally settled on a design for my January 2018 Filofax inserts. Yay :)

Of course, they are also available to download for free. So if you're interested in them, please check out the Planner Inserts page.

I also started creating some trackers. The first one I finished is one for the Downton Abbey series.

So to sum it up, the newest additions available for download are:
  • Monthly Overview for January 2018
  • Weekly Inserts for January 2018
  • Downton Abbey Episode Tracker

And now something off-topic :) Last week I already told you about my newest obsession, the TV series Lucifer. Gosh, the music of that series is so good! And I am so impressed by Tom Ellis singing. Let me share some of my favourites with you:

  ♫  Tom Ellis as Lucifer - All Along The Watchtower [YouTube]
  ♫  Heavy Young Heathens - Being Evil Has A Price / Lucifer Main Theme [YouTube]
  ♫  Friends In Tokio - Call Me Devil [YouTube]
  ♫  Lucifer playing The Unforgiven [YouTube]
  ♫  Royal Deluxe - I'm A Wanted Man [YouTube]

Until next week, my friends :)


November 22, 2017

Two nights in Berlin

Hello my friends,

you might have noticed that last week's blog post was published a day later than usual. Well, that happened because I was away on business from Wednesday till Friday. I attended an SAP training in Berlin. The training was pretty intense, the weather was awful (which is apparently a good thing when you should focus on studying I guess), the hotel was nice and the evenings were quite fun.

The TV-Tower,
view from my hotel room

So the training I attended was the 3-days SAP SCM521 course, Pricing in Purchasing it is called. SAP trainings usually go until about 5pm in the evening. That normally leaves you with enough time to do some shopping afterwards, maybe some sight seeing if you're interested or meet with friends for dinner. I choose to go shopping on Wednesday but had to cut it short due to the rainy cold weather. But thanks to Amazon prime and a pretty good wifi connection at the hotel that did not really bother me at all. I simply spent the rest of the night binge-watching some Lucifer episodes.

An evening well spent - binge-watching Lucifer &
some soup for dinner ;)

Thursday night I had dinner with my friend Maxi. We went to the Mädchenitaliener which turned out to be located right across the street from my hotel. The food was delicious!

The hotel had it's own flowery post card collection

The hotel I stayed at was the Flowers Boardinghouse btw. They have cute little well-equipped apartments and the pricing is definitely okay. What I loved most about it was their post card collection to be honest ;)

Alright, that's it for today. Until next week my friends...


November 16, 2017

Creating Planner Inserts for 2018 + Free Downloads

Hello everyone,

over the last couple of days I've been pretty busy creating and printing inserts for my 2018 Filofax planner...:

Almost every insert you saw in the video can be downloaded for free :) Just go to the Planner Inserts page and choose whatever you're interested in!
My inserts are available in two languages, German and English. Most of them are PNG files, some are PDF files which I offer in A4 as well as in letter format.
I've got a few more inserts on my to do list so stay tuned for more to come :)

Happy Planning!


November 8, 2017

Someone's busy

Hello everyone,

is it just me or is time passing by like extremely fast at the moment? I am already counting the days until Christmas which is approaching quickly and there's still so much to do before the end of the year. So many points on my to-do list, so little time...

I have to confess, I sort of fell off the planning wagon a little while ago and it took me weeks to get back on track. In fact I just found back to my old planner girl self last Sunday. And it all began with a simple brain dump. I just got so overwhelmed with all the things that required my attention. Writing it all down seemed like the best option. Afterwards I started sorting my notes. I created little to-do entries for the upcoming days, wrote down shopping lists and so on. It felt good. It still feels good.

my daily habit tracker for the next two weeks

Last Thursday we had a short power outage in my district. I just came home from work and started doing the laundry when the lights began to flicker and went out. For about 30 minutes we were without electricity. First I thought that just my apartment was affected. But after meeting a few neighbours outdoors I figured the whole neighbourhood was without light and therefore without electricity. Well, it didn't last long so it wasn't such a biggy. But things like that don't happen that often where I live. Luckily I was well equipped with candles (I knew buying candles in bulk at IKEA would pay off one day!) and flash lights.

Magical evening sky last Sunday

Luckily besides all the household chores and such I also found some time to be creative. I am currently in the process of recreating planner spreads I used in my 2017 Leuchtturm planner for my 2018 Filofax planner. Oh and I am thinking about sharing them with you when they're finished. Downloadable pdf files I thought would be convenient.

Well, that's it for today. Unfortunately, not so many crafty thingies, I know, I'm sorry. Next week I will give you a sneak peak of the planner spreads mentioned. I am not sure yet when I'll make the pdf files available. But stay tuned, I'll keep you posted.


November 1, 2017

Autumn Fun & Crafts

Hello everyone,

now that was one stormy weekend over here in Germany!
I spent the weekend in Gera with my friends Kristin and Maxi. We had an absolutely wonderful time, cooking yummy food, watching Autumnal movies, crafting and visiting a local animal park. And as usual: Time flies when you're having fun!

The first movie we watched was Hocus Pocus. A Halloween classic I would say. I loved it when I was a child and I still enjoy watching it.
The second movie we chose was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. When three Harry Potter fans meet in Autumn there is really no other choice than watching one of J.K. Rowing's master pieces ;)
For crafting ideas we turned to pinterest. Weeks before our girl's weekend, Kristin created a pinterest board and made us collect ideas of all sorts. We finally chose to hook these cuties:

These pumpkins are super easy to crochet and it's a great project to use up yarn from your stash.
Nevertheless, we made some tweaks to the original instructions. The stem as described in the pattern didn't really work for us. I therefore simply used one of my knooking needles and added a knitting-like stem which turned out pretty good I think.

Pinspired Crochet Pumpkin

Yesterday was a public holiday here in Germany, Reformation Day. It's usually not a holiday in the region where I live but as we are celebrating its 500th anniversary, whole Germany had the 31st of October off. I basically spent that day doing homework. Besides that I set up my planner for November and also printed out The Reset Girl's Happy Planner Club prompts for the upcoming month.

Happy Place Planner Club Prep

Well, and that's it for today. Until next week, my friends!