March 8, 2017

"Frosted" Salt Mason Jar Candle Holder [Tutorial]

Hello everyone,

I got the idea for this project out of a magazine called Landlust which offers quite a lot of rustic DIY ideas.

You basically create a "frosted" candle holder by pouring salt and water into a mason jar. While the water evaporates, salt crystals start to build up on the sides making the glass look frosted.

Let me show you how to get started and how my frosted mason jar evolved:

And this is a picture of the finished candle holder:

Pretty cool, right? :)



  1. That's very cool! Couldn't imagine that the salt crystals rise that much. Think I will try that by myself, too.

    1. I was quite skeptical too when I found the DIY. In the magazine, they said it would take just one week to cover the whole glass, mine took four.
      Let me know how it worked out if you give this one a try too!


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