December 7, 2016

A quick Hello + some videos

Hi everyone,

thanks for stopping by. I know, most of you where expecting a crafting post today. Unfortunately, I was pretty sick for a couple of days, too sick to craft or crochet. But I didn't want to leave you with nothing so here are two random videos I recorded just recently. If you follow me on YouTube you might have already watched them :)

This one I recorded just a couple of days ago. For about just 5 minutes we had the most magical Winter evening sky here in Kassel.

And the next one I recorded while I was on a short vacation in Leipzig with my mom. While there we went to the panometer where there's currently a 360° Great Barrier Reef Exhibition. In January 2017 I think they will set up a 360° Titanic Exhibition which sound pretty cool too. I am actually thinking about coming back just to see that one but let's see. Here's a short impression of the Great Barrier Reef Exhibition:

It was that Leipzig trip by the way after which I came home and got sick right on the same day. I then called my mom the same night to complain about how bad I felt and then realized my mom also got sick. Bad luck, I guess :) 

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for some crafty content this Sunday!


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