November 2, 2016

How I spent Samhain aka Halloween

Hello everyone,

today I'd like to share with you how I spent Samhain! No crafting involved here, just some pagan-inspired this-and-that...

I started with my Samhain preparations about a month ago by putting my brand-new pumpkin carving set to use which I was gifted by my parents on my birthday. For my first ever self-carved pumpkin I decided to go for the classical Jack O'Lantern:

Now on Samhain, I started the day doing a quick one-card reading using the Native Spirit oracle cards deck by Denise Linn I purchase not long ago. I thought Samhain would be a great occasion to use it for the first time.

After dinner, I watched Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas, which became some sort of a tradition for me :)

Throughout the whole day, I kept a little white candle burning. Most of you might be aware of the original meaning of Samhain. It is not only the last day of the Celtic year, but it is also said to be the time where the boundary between this world and the otherworld is at its weakest. I therefore used this little candle as a symbol to honour dead family members. I'll keep lighting that candle again and again throughout the next days until it finally burned down.

Alright, that's it. Now let me know:
How did you spend Samhain? Did you dress up?


PS: If you're interested how I spent this years Autumnal Equinox, have a look right HERE.

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