April 20, 2016

The Hogwarts Journal

Hey everyone!

I just recently switched from my black medium sized soft-cover Moleskine journal to a Harry Potter inspired journal and I thought it would be worth sharing some pictures and thoughts...

So my new journal is the Hogwarts journal - hardcover, about A5 size, ruled. The binding with the coat of arms of Hogwarts on the front cover looks as if its lether but in fact its not. Nevertheless, it has a nice texture and the overall quality of the binding looks great so I'm totally fine with that.


When you flip it open, the first thing you see is a wonderful painting of the landscape around Hogwarts.

Up next come a bookplate....

...as well as some pictures from the Harry Potter Movies together with some written information about the headmaster Professor Dumbledor, the quidditch pitch, the great hall as well as the forbitten forest.

As I said  before, the journal has ruled pages. And as every good journal it comes with a attached bookmark.

On the last page there is again the coat of arms of Hogwarts...

...followed by a painting of the quidditch pitch, which also covers a pocket at the end. Pockets always come in handy so another good thing.

So much for the plain journal itself. Now I have been using my journal since March and as far as I can see, the Hogwarts Journal is totally ink proof. No ghosting, no bleeding - as a huge lover of fountain pens (I prefer both pens and ink from LAMY) I couldn't be happier.

And I'm already looking forward to adding the Gryffindor, Slytherin and Deathly Hallows Journals to my collection as well :)

Alright, thanks for stopping buy, everyone!


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