March 30, 2016

Let's draw a Mandala

Hey Everyone,

thanks for stopping by once again :)

Ever since I can remember I've been absolutely in love with mandalas. Coloring them in is one of the most meditative and relaxing activities I can think of. But at a certain point I decided, coloring them in wasn't enough for me anymore, I wanted to draw them myself. This insight came to me a long while ago. Since then I tried different techniques but the results never really satified me.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I started to follow Kara from Boho.Berry on YouTube. I was browsing her YouTube videos and came across this awesome tutorial on how to draw a mandala. Check it out on her blog right HERE...

Of course I had to try that myself. And I must say, I definitely love the results :) Here are three mandalas that I created:

Diameter about 16cm, colored in with IKEA felt pens

I also documented the process for this one:

I drew this one right into my black Moleskine Journal.
Diameter about 16cm, colored in with colored pencils.

Diameter about 18cm, colored in with water colors.
I wanted this one to turn out a bit rainbow-like.

So who else loves mandalas :)


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