January 20, 2016

My current Journals & Planners

Dear readers,

a couple of weeks ago, I got back into the habit of journaling. Currently I'm experimenting with different approaches and techniques to make my journaling more fun and more creative. So over the next couple of weeks, I'd like to share with you some of these approaches and techniques as well as the different planners and journals I keep. Today - while munching on a piece of self made coconut cake - I will start with my current "equipment"...

Disclaimer: No, I did not get paid by anyone to mention any specific brand in this blog post. I'm just a huge Moleskine as well as LAMY fan. That's about it :)

A Large Moleskine 12 Months Daily Planner, Black Soft-Cover 
[ View @ Moleskine.com ]
This is my current go-to planner for my daily business. I take it everywhere I go and besides the standard Moleskine equipment that comes with this planner (i.e. the different sections in the planner as well as some stickers), I added a few extras.

A Large Moleskine Ruled Notebook, Black Soft-Cover 
[ View @ Moleskine.com ]
Currently, these are my favorite notebooks when it comes to journaling in general. My journaling style mostly includes writing, which means ink on paper. Very seldomly, I add tiny drawings or pictures.

Large Moleskine Cahier Kraft Brown Ruled Journal 
[ View @ Moleskine.com ]
These Journals come in packages of three. I used one to create a Travel Journal (see HERE) but to be honest, I haven't used it in quite a while.

A Medium Moleskine Dotted Notebook, Underwater Blue Soft-Cover 
[ View @ Moleskine.com ]
This jourunal I just set up. I posted the first page over at instagram. The concept behind this one is to create a place where I can collect all my crafty ideas for future crafting projects.

The Hogwarts Hardcover Ruled Journal 
[ View @ Amazon.de ]
A must-have for all Harry Potter loving journalers I would assume :) This journal is still in its originaly packaging and will probably succeed my large Moleskine Ruled journal with black soft-cover. And to be honest, I already have my eyes on the Slytherin and Gryffindor editions.

Miscellaneous LAMY fountain pens
► LAMY al-star  [ View @ Lamy.com ]
- Graphite, with blue LAMY cartridges
- Oceanblue, with the LAMY Z24 converter
► LAMY safari  [ View @ Lamy.com ]
- Red, currently not in use
- Yellow, currently not in use

Next time, I'll share some of the journaling and planning techniques I currently use...


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