August 1, 2015

July Findings

Hello beloved blog readers!

how are you doing these days? Did everyone have a great Blue Moon yesterday (Blue Moon as in second Full Moon in one month)?

Someone brought to my attention that I used to address only female readers for a little while beginning my blog posts and videos with something like "Hi Ladies". Well, as a matter of fact, a male friend of mine, a true gentleman if I might add, pointed that out. So as I now can be assured that men and women alike are reading my written texts, I'll try to keep it neutral in the future :)

Well anyway, I'm just quickly poppin' in to share with you some of my July findings, so let's get started...

1) Okay, this one isn't exactly crafting-related but I have to share it with you - McVitie's Digestive biscuits are now available at my local grocery store, isn't that awesome! This might not be such a biggie for my beloved UK people out there but for me that's almost like Christmas ;)

2) I bought these two seaweed baskets at Xenos last week. Yes, they are made of seaweed, I also had to look twice at the tag. Their diameter is about 21 cm. So I thought I could maybe sew a nice fabric inlay for both and then use them as bread baskets, what do you think?

3) These chalkboard labels are from Xenos as well. They come with a piece of chalk but instead of using this one I will probably buy a chalk pen.

4) Well, with an IKEA not far away, maybe 5 minutes by car, it probably won't surprise anyone that I bought these lovely postcards at IKEA a couple of days ago. Aren't they cute? I'm actually thinking about framing these and hanging them somewhere in my kitchen.

Alright, that's it for today. Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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