June 17, 2015

Simple Pencil Pouch

Hello everyone!

Last week I spent quite some time over at Pinterest. And while going through some of my boards looking at all those gorgeous pins I made the decision to finally give some of the crafting stuff I pinned over there a try. So I'm safe to say, this crochet project is pinspired :)

This is the pin for all you pinners out there:

And for those of you that are not on pinterest, please click on the direct link right HERE

And here's my version of Alexis' Simple Pencil Pouch:

Yarn I used: Schachenmayr Catania, 100% Cotton, recommended hook size 2.5-3.5mm (I used a 4mm hook), color code is 0173

Tweaks I made:
  • I started with ch 40 instead of ch 30
  • I hooked a total of 38 rows using sc
  • My row 38 was crocheted as follows... ch 1, 18 sc, ch 25, skip one sc from row 37, start with another 18 sc in the next sc of row 37
  • In row 39 where you have to crochet multiple dc into one sc of the previous row I then hocked one hdc into that one sc of row 37 I skipped in row 38

Are you guy currently working on any pinspired projects?

Thanks for stopping by!


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