June 24, 2015

Crochet Bath Poof

Hey all,

guess what, here's another pinspired crochet project :)

I thought it would be a great start to work on some of the quicker to realize projects from my Crochet Pinterest Board. And this one did not only look like it would be pretty quick to hook, it also looked cool and it's kind of an eco-friendly thingy. So decision made!

For you pinners out there, here's the pin:

Furthermore, the pattern can be found right HERE

And here's how my Bath Poofs turned out:

The yarn: Schachenmayr Cotton Bamboo Batik, 50% Cotton & 50% Viscose, recommended hook size 3-4mm (I used a 4mm hook), color codes are 90 (the greyish one) and 92 (the blueish one)

And the only tweak I made was starting with a magic ring instead of ch 5 joined with a slip stitch.

Oh and they definitely were quite quick to make. One took just a little longer than one Charmed episode to hook ;)

What kind of eco-friendly projects have you been working on lately? Maybe some makup pads? A bath poof as well?


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June 17, 2015

Simple Pencil Pouch

Hello everyone!

Last week I spent quite some time over at Pinterest. And while going through some of my boards looking at all those gorgeous pins I made the decision to finally give some of the crafting stuff I pinned over there a try. So I'm safe to say, this crochet project is pinspired :)

This is the pin for all you pinners out there:

And for those of you that are not on pinterest, please click on the direct link right HERE

And here's my version of Alexis' Simple Pencil Pouch:

Yarn I used: Schachenmayr Catania, 100% Cotton, recommended hook size 2.5-3.5mm (I used a 4mm hook), color code is 0173

Tweaks I made:
  • I started with ch 40 instead of ch 30
  • I hooked a total of 38 rows using sc
  • My row 38 was crocheted as follows... ch 1, 18 sc, ch 25, skip one sc from row 37, start with another 18 sc in the next sc of row 37
  • In row 39 where you have to crochet multiple dc into one sc of the previous row I then hocked one hdc into that one sc of row 37 I skipped in row 38

Are you guy currently working on any pinspired projects?

Thanks for stopping by!


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June 10, 2015

Vintage Leaf Hot Plate Mat

Hey all,

A couple of days ago I came across the website Free Vintage Crochet, a truly amazing collection of free vintage crochet patterns. I already clicked through almost all of them and I am quite sure they will be the source for quite a lot of my future crochet projects.
For now I stuck with something quick and relatively easy to make, a leaf-shaped hot plate mat.

The original pattern can be found HERE.

And this is how mine turned out:

The yarn I used is Schachenmayr Egypto Cotton, 100 % cotton, recommended hook size 2-3 (I went for a size 3 hook).

Have you tried out any vintage patterns lately?


June 3, 2015

Scrubby Crochet Confections

Hi all,

so not only am I finally blogging regularly again, I'm also back in Pinterest mode!

About two weeks ago, my friend Kristin pinned this wonderful crochet creation:

And I must confess, I instantly fell in love with these little scrubbies!
For those of you, that prefer actual links instead of Pins, check out the pattern at Ravelry.

So here's how mine turned out!

I used 100% cotton yarn in dark blue, light blue, red, yellow and green. The scrubbies were made of left-over yarn from my stash. So I assume the brands are Coats Puppets and Wolle Rödel Cotton Universal.

Tell me, do you also let yourself get inspired by Pinterest from time to time?