May 20, 2015

Travel Journal

Hi all,

as I mentioned last week, I went on a short vacation to Italy not too long ago. And whenever I go on vacation, I like to keep a travel journal or at least write down a couple of pages after returning back home.

This time I only took notes in a small notebook while traveling. During the past days I formulated those notes on small sheets of paper (10 x 14 cm) and also printed out some pictures.

Afterwards I added two slightly bigger pieces of scrap booking paper and bound everything together. The result is a cute little travel journal:

It took me a little while to make this little booklet, a couple of hours if I remember correctly. I wrote about three pages per day so it even turned out quite thick compared to what I expected to end up with.

Alright, that's it for today!

So what about you guys, are you keeping a travel journal when on vacation?


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  1. Such a great idea! I also love to keep travel journals--a great way to keep the memories alive (not just pictures, but soul impressions)


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