May 14, 2015

Self-Made Meditation Pillow

Hi all,

yes, I know, I'm one day late with this. I told you all you can expect new content on here on a Wednesday, now it's Thursday. So what happened? Quick and easy answer, I was on vacation until this AM :)

Anyways, a couple of months ago I already mentioned on my blog that I'm into meditating. I took that as inspiration for a new DIY project and sewed myself a meditation pillow!

It doesn't look as puffy as the average meditation pillows you can see at Yoga studios but I like it the way it turned out. The fabric I used is from IKEA so it's 100% cotton. The fabric I used for the inlay was actually part of a fabric scraps baggie I bought at IKEA so it didn't cost me that much. The striped one was 7 € per meter I think.

For the filling I used spelt husks which I bought online at amazon. I ordered 3kg but ended up using only 1kg for my pillow.

And here are the pictures:

The inlay - if stuffed this one into the actual pillow case then filled it with spelt husks

The final result!

Have a great week, everyone!


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