May 6, 2015

Ring Storage

Hi guys,

I don't really know how this project got started. It just sort of hit me when I walked through Xenos one day and found this awesome looking box.
First thought: That would be just perfect for keeping my rings in!

Well, what should I say, I bought it of course. It wasn't that expensive, maybe 4 € if I remember correctly.

Back home I began sewing four black felt rectangles into tubes and stuffed them with fiberfill, put them into the box and voilĂ , a ring box!

I like it :)

What have you crafted so far to store jewelry in? Maybe also a ring box? Something for your necklaces?

Have a great day, all!


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  1. Hi Uta, Firstly thank you so much for visiting my Brittany blog! Sorry I haven't replied sooner but the mobile internet was intermittent whilst we were in France. Glad you like the ceramic knobs! I think they look so pretty. So we're back in England now but it won't be long til we go back again. I love the pretty box and the way you've converted it into a ring holder. I haven't made anything for jewellery. I like to use vintage glass dishes for some of my jewellery and hair stuff! Have a great weekend! X


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