May 27, 2015

Small DIY Notebooks

Hello everyone!

I love to journal and I love to take notes. Therefore, I prefer always having a small notebook or something similar on hand. Over at YouTube I found a couple of videos on how make your own little notebooks. Of course I had to try that!

One video for example is this. I found the idea of using staples for the binding quite interesting:

So far I made two notebooks. The one on the right is covered with fabric. For the one on the left I recycled a paper bag from the local tee store because I loved the pattern:

To give them some kind of personal touch, I added a stamp to both. And I went for grid as you can see.

What about you, do you also carry small notebooks with you? Any fellow journalers?


May 25, 2015

Let's have tea, shall we?!

Good afternoon ladies (and possibly gentlemen as well, one never knows),

so this lovely Monday turns out to be another public holiday over here in Germany. Pentecost I assume is the correct English term for it. Anyways, I thought this holiday would be a nice occasion to have tea together, don't you think? I even made some sandwiches.

I brewed us black tea because you can't go wrong with black tea, can you? O'Sullivan's Favourite it's called to be exact and it's from TeeGschendner, one of my most favorite tea companies. Doesn't it taste wonderful?

So how's the weather in your region? Is it also raining? I remember this morning the sun was shining bright but around lunch time it turned rainy. And the temperatures also fell quite a bit. I even had to turn on the heating again. Can you imagine, it's the end of May and you have turn on the heating to not feel cold? Dreadful.

Even all the housework that kept me busy up until now couldn't keep me warm. Well, at least now all the laundry is done. Furthermore, I even managed to finally tidy out my office. Quite a successful day, though.

Now wasn't it nice meeting for tea? I think we should do that again soon.
Have a lovely evening my dear!


May 20, 2015

Travel Journal

Hi all,

as I mentioned last week, I went on a short vacation to Italy not too long ago. And whenever I go on vacation, I like to keep a travel journal or at least write down a couple of pages after returning back home.

This time I only took notes in a small notebook while traveling. During the past days I formulated those notes on small sheets of paper (10 x 14 cm) and also printed out some pictures.

Afterwards I added two slightly bigger pieces of scrap booking paper and bound everything together. The result is a cute little travel journal:

It took me a little while to make this little booklet, a couple of hours if I remember correctly. I wrote about three pages per day so it even turned out quite thick compared to what I expected to end up with.

Alright, that's it for today!

So what about you guys, are you keeping a travel journal when on vacation?


May 14, 2015

Self-Made Meditation Pillow

Hi all,

yes, I know, I'm one day late with this. I told you all you can expect new content on here on a Wednesday, now it's Thursday. So what happened? Quick and easy answer, I was on vacation until this AM :)

Anyways, a couple of months ago I already mentioned on my blog that I'm into meditating. I took that as inspiration for a new DIY project and sewed myself a meditation pillow!

It doesn't look as puffy as the average meditation pillows you can see at Yoga studios but I like it the way it turned out. The fabric I used is from IKEA so it's 100% cotton. The fabric I used for the inlay was actually part of a fabric scraps baggie I bought at IKEA so it didn't cost me that much. The striped one was 7 € per meter I think.

For the filling I used spelt husks which I bought online at amazon. I ordered 3kg but ended up using only 1kg for my pillow.

And here are the pictures:

The inlay - if stuffed this one into the actual pillow case then filled it with spelt husks

The final result!

Have a great week, everyone!


May 6, 2015

Ring Storage

Hi guys,

I don't really know how this project got started. It just sort of hit me when I walked through Xenos one day and found this awesome looking box.
First thought: That would be just perfect for keeping my rings in!

Well, what should I say, I bought it of course. It wasn't that expensive, maybe 4 € if I remember correctly.

Back home I began sewing four black felt rectangles into tubes and stuffed them with fiberfill, put them into the box and voilĂ , a ring box!

I like it :)

What have you crafted so far to store jewelry in? Maybe also a ring box? Something for your necklaces?

Have a great day, all!