February 23, 2015

See You Soon!

Hello fellow crafters,

you may have noticed already that during the last couple of weeks I did post only sporadically to my beautiful crafting blog. Blame it on a lack of inspiration, the Winter blues, I don't know.

So after thinking about it for quite a while, I finally made the decision to put Paper, Wool & Yarn on hold for a little while. This little while is not supposed to be forever, it's more a creative break and if everything goes well, which I'm quite optimistic about, I'll be back posting about my self-made stuff in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Instagram or Twitter!

Have a great time and see you in Spring!


PS: I may be taking a break from blogging myself but that won't stop me from reading all your lovely blogs :)

February 10, 2015

Look who's steeling the bird food! [Video]

Well, for a great while my mum was wondering were all the bird food went every night - until my dad invested in a camera trap :)


February 7, 2015

Mediation & Handlettering

Hey all,

in this blog post I will go a little off-topic at the beginning but I promise to keep the spiritual stuff at a minimum.

Since the beginning of 2015 I'm trying out different relaxing techniques. On the one hand I figured that 2014 was way to stressful which was neither good for my body nor for my mind. On the other hand, I'm recently suffering from migraine quite often.

One thing I got totally hooked on is meditation. So far I'm practicing three different meditation techniques on a more or less regular basis. One of them is a simply mala meditation with affirmations. For that you need a mala and of course an affirmation that speaks to you. You then meditate your way around the mala, repeating the affirmation once for each bead, 108 times all together (you will find great examples on YouTube). Depending on the affirmation this takes me up to 10 minutes.

I choose my affirmation for the day every morning after breakfast. I then use it for a short mala meditation right in the morning and again in the evening either after I get home from work or before going to bed. And to keep track of my meditation practice I take some notes in my journal including the affirmations I used for meditating.

A couple of days ago I had the idea to use my affirmations for practicing my hand lettering skills. This is the result:

Have you tried hand lettering yet?