July 21, 2014

A little help needed - traditional dishes, anyone?

Ladies (any Gentlemen reading this?!),

I need your help! I'm currently working on my bucket list for Fall. I know, last year's bucket list didn't really work out. Therefore I decided to come up with a more realistic one this year. And I would love to have more food related topics on it this time. So here's my big question for you:

What are your most favorite traditional Fall dishes?

Maybe there's a special bread you love, a cake or a pie, cookies, a dessert, a hearty dish... please tell me! Send me an email (see address on right under the social media icons) or leave a comment with the recipe or a link to the recipe!

Just a little PS here: I'm a vegetarian. So in case you would like to recommend a dish that traditionally involves meat, don't worry, go for it, just recommend a substitute and I'm fine :)

Oh and another PS. If you would like to recommend a pie, please consider adding a pie crust recipe as well. Germany hasn't realized yet that there are such things as pre-made pie crusts (and with that I mean that traditional American pie thingy). Unfortunately, that is also the case for canned pumpkin puree but that's a different topic...



  1. Hi Uta. I like to have chili and soups in the Fall. :)


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