August 25, 2013

From Shopping Tote to Shoe Bag

I just recently recycled on of my many many shopping totes by turning it into a shoe bag!
A not so easy task for me, as I don't sew that often but I made it. And I think the result is a good one even though it's not perfect!


...and after:

Yesterday night was awesome by the way! The orchestra played from 8 pm until about 11 pm with a 30 min break in between. While they played the last song at 11 pm fireworks started. Definitely a wonderful experience! Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera and therefore had to use my cell to take some (bad quality) pictures:

The building behind the stage is the Orangerie, one of the most famous historical places here in Kassel.

I wish all of you a sunny Sunday! Mine is quite cloudy actually, I think the weather forcast said it is going to rain in the afternoon, let's see...


PS: Turns out, this can be counted as yet another project for my No-Buy Challenge :)

August 24, 2013

Granola Day

I love giving self-made gifts. One of my favorite ones is self-made granola. Just recently I gave some to friends. Luckily I found some cute mason jars for that purpose :)

I hope you are all having an amazing weekend so far! I'll be going to an open air concert tonight where the orchestra of the Staatstheater Kassel will be playing live and for free. Last time there were about 30.000 people there. Oh, I'm so looking forward to it, listening to music while having a picnic with friends, this is going to be wonderful :)
What are you up to this weekend? Any special plans?


August 9, 2013

Owl Post

Of course my owl twins had to travel in style. Unfortunately I ran out of appropriately sized envelopes lately. I therefore simply crafted one:

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


PS: No-Buy Challenge project #12 - mission accomplished :)

August 6, 2013

Owl Twins

A couple of weeks ago Kristin sent me the following pin via pinterest:

>>> Click on the picture to see Pin at Pinterest <<<

I wasn't really keen on paying something for the pattern so I improvised and that is what came out:

They are just 8 cm in height so not as huge as the original one.

Sending some love to all of you!


PS: No Buy Challenge & Stash-Buster Challenge project #11 :)