April 11, 2013

Project #9: Tea Bag Shaped Gift Tags

I came across this pin over at pinterest a couple of weeks ago, tea bag shaped gift tags. And I finally found some time to make some myself:

I used:
  • Brown wrapping paper scraps
  • Yarn
  • Stamps & pad
  • Staples


April 7, 2013

I finally finished my Rainbow Granny Blanket!

Yes, I'm finally done :)
Overall it took me 5 months, not as much as I expected. And I am so happy with the result :)

The blanket measures 140x180 cm so it's not as tiny as it appears in the picture.

I wish you all a sunny Sunday!


April 4, 2013

How To Print On Paper Scraps

For my last No Buy Challange project I had to print something on paper scraps and I wanted you to know how easy that is...

Step 1: Take a sheet of scratch paper, put it into your printer and print out what you want to print on the paper scraps.

Step 2: Take the paper scraps and tape them right above the different shapes.

Step 3: Put the sheet of paper on which you just taped the paper scraps back into the printer.

Step 4: Now all you have to do is to remove the paper scraps from the sheet of scratch paper, cut them into the desired shapes and you're done!

Easy, right :)

Happy Crafting!


April 1, 2013

Project #8: Gift Tags

After a very long time finally another No-Buy-Challange project: Gift Tags!

I used:
  • Red cardboard
  • Brown wrapping paper (I used scraps)
  • Strong thread in red and white
  • Glue
The following has been printed on the different tags:
  • Von mir für dich (Engl. From me for you)
  • Happy Birthday
  • Einfach mal so (Engl. Just because)
  • Ich denk an dich (Engl. I'm thinking of you)

I hope you are all enjoying a sunny Easter Weekend!!!