April 30, 2012

Wiggles Square

Wiggles Squares look amazing and are so easy to make :)

Schachenmayr Bravo 8223 (navy)
Schachenmayr Bravo 8284 (mint)
Schachenmayr Bravo 8190 (lilac)

Pattern: Wiggles Squares by Debi Y.

Happy 1st of May!

- Uta -

April 28, 2012

My 1st Multicoloured Afghan - Reloaded

I never took some proper pictures of my first ever multicoloured afghan. Well, I finally made up for that so here we go:

I wish you all a sunny weekend!

- Uta -

April 22, 2012


I'm already trying out some patterns for Christmas. This time I worked on some little Christmas Stockings.

I made a traditional red and a multicoloured one.

Up to now I'm not sure which version I prefer, they look both pretty nice. Maybe I'll choose red when making them as presents and the multicoloured stockings would make a nice decoration.... What do you think?

Schachenmayr Bravo 8221 (red)
Schachenmayr Bravo 8303 (purple)
Schachenmayr Bravo 8195 (teal)
Schachenmayr Bravo 8190 (lilac)
Schachenmayr Bravo 8224 (white)

Pattern: Little Christmas socks by Sucrette (slightly altered)

- Uta -

April 19, 2012


If there's one city I'm truly in love with then it's Toronto. My family and friends know that and now you do as well. Since moving into my apartment in Kassel I was complaining about that empty space over my couch and that I really wanted something connected to my favourite city hanging there.

Well, a very good friend of mine loves to paint. My mum also know's here pretty well so at the end of last year she asked that friend to paint me the skyline of Toronto :) I got the result as an Easter gift:

Isn't it great? I LOVE it!!!

- Uta -

April 13, 2012

Ship Of The Desert

This is not about crafting but I had to share it with you!
I just got back home from a short trip to Handeloh, Germany. That's where my cousin and her furkids live. And let me tell you, those anipals are truely unique :) Beside two cats and two horses my cousin also owns four amazing camels! Yes, camels - one dromedary and three bactrian camels.
Oh, we had so much fun with them! My cousin even let me ride on one of them :)

Me and dromedary Aralie,
she's such a cuddly animal...

Me on Dolly

Daya and Krümelchen

Aralie again - she's my favourite camel :)

Krümelchen - isn't she a beauty?!

Size 5 I'd say ;)

Gorgeous, don't you think?

For more information visit www.kameloase.de (a German website)!

Have a sunny weekend everyone!

- Uta -

April 9, 2012

A Box Full of Buttons

My mum has been collecting buttons for years. She has a nice box full of them. As a child I sometimes spent hours going through that box discovering different kinds of beautiful buttons. Today as I grew older I still sometimes go through that lovely box - whenever I need buttons for some of my crafting creations.

The box full of buttons

Some of my most favourite ones

This time I just picked some simple buttons.
I'm going to need them for an upcoming project.

I already started such a box myself but my collections is tiny, nothing compared to my mum's...

- Uta -

April 1, 2012

Tea Bag Folding

Remember the numerous tea bag papers I collected but didn't know what to do with? Well, Debi (visit her blog Dly's Hooks and Yarns) suggested to try out tea bag folding. What a great idea - thank you, Debi! Tea bag folding is so much fun :)
Here are some of my results:

Made from Meßmer tea bag papers

Made from Twinings of London tea bag papers

I'm thinking about using some of those stars for my Christmas cards this year.

Do you want to try out tea bag folding yourself? Have a look right here!

- Uta -