November 22, 2017

Two nights in Berlin

Hello my friends,

you might have noticed that last week's blog post was published a day later than usual. Well, that happened because I was away on business from Wednesday till Friday. I attended an SAP training in Berlin. The training was pretty intense, the weather was awful (which is apparently a good thing when you should focus on studying I guess), the hotel was nice and the evenings were quite fun.

The TV-Tower,
view from my hotel room

So the training I attended was the 3-days SAP SCM521 course, Pricing in Purchasing it is called. SAP trainings usually go until about 5pm in the evening. That normally leaves you with enough time to do some shopping afterwards, maybe some sight seeing if you're interested or meet with friends for dinner. I choose to go shopping on Wednesday but had to cut it short due to the rainy cold weather. But thanks to Amazon prime and a pretty good wifi connection at the hotel that did not really bother me at all. I simply spent the rest of the night binge-watching some Lucifer episodes.

An evening well spent - binge-watching Lucifer &
some soup for dinner ;)

Thursday night I had dinner with my friend Maxi. We went to the Mädchenitaliener which turned out to be located right across the street from my hotel. The food was delicious!

The hotel had it's own flowery post card collection

The hotel I stayed at was the Flowers Boardinghouse btw. They have cute little well-equipped apartments and the pricing is definitely okay. What I loved most about it was their post card collection to be honest ;)

Alright, that's it for today. Until next week my friends...


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