October 25, 2017

Back to normal, slowly but steadily

Hello my friends,

I think I can finally say I've settled into my new place :)
Well, not everything is unpacked and I am definitely not done decorating but all in all my move is complete. And truth to be told, it took me long enough. I am still amazed by the amount of stuff I own...

The first Christmassy goodies I bought this year :)
Found these cute stickers at the local drug store (Rossmann)

My office / crafting room isn't set up yet. I still have to find a new cupboard which can hold not only my paper work but also my crafting suppliers. Quite a challenge, I tell you. But as I have finally figured out what hides in which moving box, I think I am sort of back into crafting action nevertheless.

The magical dashboard of my 2018 planner
I found this amazing paper in my stash

So last Sunday I started working on personalizing my 2018 planner. So far I decided on the first dashboard and I made notes on the different sections I'd like to create. Nothing huge so far but I am getting there. As I don't own a laminator I will probably buy some clear foil to cover all the other dashboards with. But that's not decided yet. Same goes for the question whether I will create all monthly dashboards in advance or on a month to month basis in 2018.
You see, still a lot of thinking and crafting to do but it feels good to be back in creating mode :)

Taking notes in my current planner planning
the sections of my 2018 planner

See you next week, my friends!


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