July 5, 2017

Camp Reset #TRGCampReset

Hello everyone,

throughout the month of July I am participating in an online crafting event called Camp Reset (hosted by Cori the Reset Girl).

I tell you, there is a looooot of crafting going on at my place at the moment :) There are crafting challenges, self-care challenges, and whatnot. You can even earn badges! So much fun, I tell ya!

I am sharing lots of my Camp Reset creations over at Instagram but let me give you an impression right here of what I crafted & created so far:

Basic Setup of my Camp Reset Notebook / Planner before the camp started

My habit tracker (Challenge #2 of the first week of Camp Reset)

The tabs & dashboards I created for my Selfie Planner (Challenge #1 for the first week of Camp Reset)

My Listers Gotta List lists for the first days of July

Any fellow campers out there reading this?

Happy craftin' everyone!


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