July 13, 2017

An update from the happy camper #TRGCampReset

Hello everyone,

sorry for being a day late this week. A major migraine came my way yesterday afternoon and it is still not over yet. At least I am currently able to do a bit of typing and photo editing so I thought I could quickly hop on here and present you with a short update on my camping experience :)

For those of you wondering what I am talking about, have a look at my previous post - I am currently participating in an online experience called Camp Reset :)

So during the last couple of days I mainly finished some more Listers Gotta List lists:

Apart from that I am still working on the challenges for week 2 of Camp Reset. I will probably post about these next week.

Alright that's it for today. I might have another blog post ready for you over the weekend about something DIY I finished lately. But as I am currently pretty busy helping a friend of mine move into her new apartment I can't promise anything at the moment.

See you soon!


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