February 28, 2017

Tea stained Paper [Tutorial]

Hello everyone,

guess who's having her internet connection up and running again :) Finally, after weeks of feeling like being thrown back to the stone age I got my new hardware in the mail today. So here I am, first things first, with some new content for you!

I have quite a lot of great videos to share with you so stay tuned for more to watch over the next few weeks!

And today I am sharing a tea staining technique with you. Enjoy...

This is how the paper turned out. I'm quite happy with the result:

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. These papers are looking very nice. If you need papers that look a little more like parchment I would recommend the instant coffee method. I used it two years ago for my Christmas cards and it turned out great.

    1. Thanks you!
      I just got the same recommendation over at YouTube, seems like this tea lover here has to invest into some instant coffee after all ;)


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