January 4, 2017

January 2017 Planner Setup

Hello everyone,

it's 2017 and I finally moved into my new planner! Well, I actually already moved into it in the last week of December but don't tell anyone ;)

I decided to decorate and set up my planner month per month. So during the last days of December I took on January. And this is the result:

I stuck to a quite simple and clean design with just a bit of color here and there as well as some simple stickers. The theme is clearly Winter.
Besides birthdays and certain appointments you can also find some moon related icons in there. That's because just recently I got myself a moon calendar for 2017 and am planning to integrate a few of the recommendations from it into my daily life. If you want to read some more about it, keep reading. If not, feel free to stop here :)

Alright, so you decided to keep on reading. Well, here we go...

First of all I divided the days of January based on the zodiac signs into root, flower, leaf and fruit days.
Root Days: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Leaf Days: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Flower Days: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Fruit Days: Aries, Leo Sagittarius

Now together with the actual moon phase on a certain day (waning, waxing, new, full) there are special recommendations of what to do and what not to do during a special period of time. Here are a couple of examples without going too much into great detail:
Example 1: Air your rooms thoroughly on flower and fruit days. Air just quickly on leaf and root days.
Example 2: The waning moon phase is perfect for cleansing masks. The waxing moon phase on the other hand is perfect for regenerating masks.
Example 3: On flower days you should pay extra attention to your hydration, especially between 3PM and 7PM.

I decided it would be too much to put all that information into the monthly layout. So I just noted down which kind of day it is, the moon phase and a tiny window icon which indicates either air thoroughly or air quickly. Further information will be available in the weekly overviews where it actually says "cleansing mask", "avoid fatty foods", etc.

Alright, so far so good. Let me know whether you are interested in my moon calendar and what else you would like to see/read about concerning my 2017 planner!

Until next time...


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