May 25, 2016

W.I.P. & we're almost there: The Crochet Backpack

Hello everyone,

here's yet another update on the The Crochet Backpack :)

Alright, the instructions:

Grap Handle:
  • Begin with 4 CH, then start hooking Basic Afghan stitch, 20 rows in total
  • Attach to flap as shown in the picture below 

Shoulder Straps:
  • Begin by looping through the six DC shown in the pictures below (click to enlarge)


  • Add about 100 rows in Basic Afghan stitch (my shoulder straps meassure about 60cm each)
  • Sew the end to the flap as shown in the picture

And here are the links to all of the different pattern parts so far:

I'm sort of determined to finish that thing soon so expect another and probably the last update on that project next week!

Happy hookin' :)


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