May 11, 2016

Look who's snooping around!

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend!

On Saturday, I drove to my parents and stayed until Sunday just after lunch. My dad booked us a table at a medieval restaurant which is actually located in a castle not far from where my parents live. We used to go there quite often until a couple of years ago but stopped around the time I moved to Kassel. We wanted to have lunch somewhere special as Sunday was Mother's Day over here so we decided to finally go there again. As expected lunch was delicious.

Besides all that I also kept myself busy with some crocheting. A couple of weeks ago I found a good pattern for a Snoopy online. As I was working on the Mouse Cat Bed on most evenings during the last two or three months, I didn't find the time to finally give it a try until last week.
All in all it was easy to hook and it didn't take that much time. Unfortunately, the instructions weren't 100% correct. I had to overthink a few parts, especially the instructions for Snoopy's feet gave me a headache in the first place. But in the end, everything turned out well.

My Snoopy is about 20 cm in height. There are a few additions I'm thinking about. Like for example a red dog collar and maybe a small red dog house. But we will see :)

Oh and the yarn I used is Wolle Rödel Universal, 100% acrylic, hook size 4 - 5mm (I went for 4mm). I used a whole ball of white yarn and just a bit of black.

See you all again next week!


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