April 27, 2016

My New LAMY Safari is here :)

Hey all,

a couple of weeks ago I pre-ordered the new LAMY Safari 2016 special edition. Needless to say, waiting for it to arrive was a trial of patience :) Thus I couldn't be happier when it finally arrived!

Here's my new beauty:

I also ordered matching ink cartridges as you can see.

The nip is a standard size M (medium) like all my LAMY fountain pens have. But I'm thinking about switchin to an F (fine) eventhough I'm not sure yet.

This updates my LAMY fountain pen collection to the following:

► LAMY al-star  [ View @ Lamy.com ]
- Graphite, with blue LAMY cartridges
- Oceanblue, with the LAMY Z24 converter
► LAMY safari  [ View @ Lamy.com ]
- Red, currently not in use
- Yellow, currently not in use
- Dark Lilac, with dark lilac LAMY cartidges

Thanks for stopping by!


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