March 16, 2016

Snail Mail

Hey everyone,

I'm not sure whether I ever mentioned it but I'm a huge snail mail fan. Every now and then, I take the time to decorate the envelops or craft some myself. Let me share some of my latest creations with you...

A couple of days ago I decided that it's time to throw away most of the magazines I collected over the past few years. I mean, let's be honest, they are just standing there on the shelf taking up space and getting covered in dust. I can't remember the last time I actually reread any of these.
So before actually throwing them in the garbage bin, I went through all the pages and magazine covers and cut out little bits and pieces that I thought would make great decoration for my journal, my planner or even some envelopes. I also ripped out whole pages to turn them into envelops like these:

As you can see, I am a regular reader of Flow Magazine :)

On the other hand I simply used plain white envelops and added a bit of color here and there. This is one of these:

Looks kinda familiar? Well, I simply used on of these envelopes.
I had to cover the ship-to-address with a sticky note :)

Now if you feel like crafting some lovely envelops yourself but don't know where to start, check out my tutorial right HERE... :)

So who else loves snail mail?


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