March 9, 2016


Hello everyone,

today I'd like to do a quick "Plan with me". Okay, it's probably not going to be a quick thing but nevertheless, I'd like to share how I plan with my lovely daily planner that I introduced to you a couple of weeks ago. Be warned, I love to color code :)

So let's get started...

At the end of a week I begin setting up the following week in my calendar. I usually start with a general setup by sort of dividing every page into sections:
  • Cleaning plan - Monday til Sunday
  • Ideas for breakfast, lunchbox and dinner - Monday til Friday
  • Pilates and gym workouts - Tuesday till Friday and Sunday
  • TO-DO/PLAN - Monday til Sunday

What follows is the special stuff, like birthdays, appointments, etc.
Things I take care of at the beginning of the year when setting up a new planner:
  • Birthdays - noted in the header section of each day
  • Gratitude Log - I keep a gratidute log in my journal and try to fill it with one entry per week so I set myself a weekly reminder in my planner (Sunday)
  • Blog - This is yet another (mostly) weekly reminder (Wednesday plus last day of the month) which helps me keep track of my blog posts.
  • Jobticket - I have an annual ticket for the local transport system which I need to renew at the end of each months.
  • Cleaning Schedule - The place where I live has a cleaning schedule. Every four weeks, I have to clean the stairs outside my appartment. Of course I have a reminder for that in my planner, a little stamped broom icon in the top left or right corner of the page.

Things I take care of at the beginning of a month:
  • Backup - My job requires me to be on standby for 24h about every other week. I usually note this down in the header section of the respective day.

In addition to that I note down appointments whenever they come up of course.

Now let me show you how pages in my planner look like when in use or actually used:

You can see, my TO-DO/PLAN section is filled. I note everything down there that I would like to accomplish on a specific day. Things that are mentioned in brackets are nice-to-have and not obligatory.

In addition to that, I add a weather icon on every page which represents the weather around noon. This is mostly for fun.

Alright, that's it so far. How are you planning your days/weeks/months?


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