February 24, 2016

Three simple Logs I use in my Journal

Hey all,

so I'm back with another journaling post. I already gave you an overview of all my journals and planners plus a sneak-peak inside my daily planner. Today is about logs you can use in your journal.

The possiblities are huge when it comes to journal logs, especially when you're into bullet journaling. I myself just recently started working with logs and I decided to start with three simple ones...

1) The first log I set up in my current Moleskine journal is a Gratitude Log. My goal is to fill it with one entry per week which makes a total of 52 entries by the end of 2016.

2) Up next is my Workout/Gym Log. This is where I log my visits to the local gym for weight training or cardio sessions. I basically write down all the days on which I plan to work out and afterwards I put a checkmark in everytime I actually made it to the gym.

3) And last but not least my Book Log. I usually plan to read 12 books per year therefore there's currently space for 12 books. Should I read more books in the end, then I'll expand this log to the blank page on the right or simply to another journal.

Alright, that's it for today!
Are you using any logs? Willing to share?


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