February 17, 2016

How I personalized my Daily Planner

Good evening dear readers,

I planned to post this earlier but due to some major changes to my daily planner I had to completely rewrite this blog post. Well, things like that happen, so here we go :)

Disclaimer: There's a lot to read here....

Two weeks ago I wrote about the journals and planners I currently use. Today, I'd like to talk about the addons and changes I made to my daily planner to give it a more personal touch and make it easier to use for me.

You all know by now that I use a Pocket Moleskine Daily Planner with a black soft-cover. These planners do have different sections:
  • Personal Data
  • Calendar overview 2016
  • Monthly calender 2016
  • Calendar overview 2017
  • Holidays & Events
  • Time Zones
  • Travel Plans
  • Flight Durations
  • Dialing codes Internet TLD, Plate codes
  • Measures & Conversions, Sizes
  • Ruler
  • The actual Diary Part (one day per page)
  • Notes
  • Back pocket 

Furthermore, the soft-cover version comes with these small and simple stickers. So far I only used a few of them as you can see.

Now there are a couple of things I added to or changed in that planner:

First of all, I added some Harry Potter themed art as well as a matching quote to the first two pages. Last year I choose something Marauder's Map inspired, this year I stuck to the Deathly Hallows as you can see.

Next I added a Lost & Found section to my planner, a simple nice text written in ink on the back of the first page which is blank in this planner, addressed to a potential finder of my daily planner should it ever get lost.

This one is followed by the About Me page (right) I redid. I didn't like the standard version so I created a more personal and more crafty one. Nothing huge, just some nice paper, cute little golden bunting stickers and a picture of me as well as my contact data.
The paper is from Flow magazine, which I'm reading on a regular basis. I once saw a wonderful YouTube video where someone simply covered up unused parts of her planer with nice paper. Such a great idea! For the picture and the contact data I simply used A4-sized sticker sheets for my printer which I then cut into the right shape and size.

Then we have the calendar section which I basically left as it is, I just added some color, a couple of nicely written titels and a quote I love and that's about it.

Furthermore, I turned the Holidays & Events page into a Birthday Calendar. There's not that much to show you, I basically only changed the title. And as I don't want you guys to actually read the entries, I'm not going to share a picture of this part of my daily planner.

In the following there are a couple of pages which I covered up with cute paper (Travel Plans, Flight Durations and Dialing codes Internet TLD, Plate codes to be exact). The first section (left) is reserved for shopping lists. For these I use simple sticky notes because they are easy to put in as well as easy to rip out.
The second section (right) is for bullet journaling or better to say for my To-Do's. I put a small grid sheet of paper on there using transparent photo corners. This makes it easy to take out and renew.

Then we have the Cleaning Plan for my condo (left) as well as my Training Plan for the gym (right). The headers I simply printed on an A4 size sticker sheet. The plans themselves are exchangeable as I fixated them using cute metallic-looking photo corners I got a the local Idee crafts store.

The next two pages are reserved for Meal Planning. Again I simply used transperant photo corners to fixate two small grid sheets of paper.

Then comes the actual planner part. All in all, I left this one as it is. The only thing I added are tiny colored indexes. Those are basically 1cm x 5mm sized colored paper snippets I simply glued around the edges of the pages at the beginning of each month.

Before using the soft-cover version of the Pocket Moleskine Daily Planner, I had a hard-cover version. That one came with a small address book. I kept this Address Book and put it into the back pocket of my current daily planner. Nothing fancy, so no picture of this one as well.
Well and that's about it :)

And just a quick tip: Moleskine offers quite a lot of free templates for planners and journals over at the Moleskine Comunity (login required).

So tell me, do you keep a daily planner and if so how does it look like, how did you personalize it?


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  1. In fact I don't use a daily planner but I like the way you do it. xo


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