August 5, 2015

Starting a new project...

Hey all!

I am about to start a new project and I thought about sharing the different stages of it here on my blog. Today is just analysis....

So basically I (or maybe we?!) want to make a crochet backpack that looks similar to this bag right here:

If you follow the link of that pin you will see there's a pattern you can buy. Well, guess what, I'm not exactly willing to do that. Luckily the pictures are pretty well taken and there are even larger versions of them accessible. That makes it easier to figure out how the bag was hooked eventually.

So here are the notes I took while looking closer at the photos (German!).

Let me quickly summarize my assumptions in English for you:
  • The bottom looks like SC.
  • The side is definitely DC with one front post DC every 15 stitches. I would say there are 150 stitches per round (10 x 15 DC) and about 30 rounds in total.

I'm not 100% sure about the bottom. SCs will definitely lead to a totally different texture then DCs and I normally prefer the texture of DCs. I'll leave that decision for later but will look at possible stitch counts for both options:
  • Bottom in SC => 18 rounds, increasing each one by 8 SC, 144 stitches in last row
  • Bottom in DC => 12 rounds, increasing each one by 12 DC, 144 stitches in last row

So however I'm going to crochet the bottom, I will later have 144 stitches to work with for the side part. My idea is to divide these 144 stitches into 12 equal parts, which will lead to 12 x (11 DC + 1 front post DC).

Now concerning the materials... I've got this huge skein of blue acrylic yarn (400g) lying around. It's size 4 yarn I think and I didn't buy it for any special purpose so I'm going to use that one. I'm not sure whether I've got some brown yarn in my stash at the moment so I might need to buy some. If so, I'll probably go for Schachenmayr Bravo, that's almost the same size as the blue one and it's also acrylic.

And I still need to have a closer look at the following:
  • Hooked or braided drawstring?
  • Which round needs which kind of modification for the drawstring?
  • How to hook straps and where to attach them to the backpack?
  • How to go from bottom to side to achieve this small edge down there?
  • That Jeans pocket on the front....

Alright, that's it so far. I'll post an update on this one soon, next Wednesday at the latest!



  1. I love that you're taking the time to figure out the pattern! I'm so impatient that I don't have the will to do this. Looks like such a cute bag! Can't wait to see your progress!

    Trish - tales from trish

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment :)


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