August 12, 2015

First update on the Crochet Backpack project

Hello everyone,

here's my first update on the crochet backpack project I started a couple of days ago.

I finally started with the bottom part and as you can see I decided for DCs.

Once again, let's have a quick look at my notes. They may be written in German, nevertheless, the chart can be used language-independently.

So all in all I worked 12 rounds in DCs, increasing each by 12 DCs - see chart above, imagine this to be one of 12 pie wedges. At 12 rounds the circle was 24 cm in diameter.

6 rounds, 12cm  -  9 rounds, 18cm
12 rounds, 24 cm  -  13th round in back post DCs

I then added another round (counts as first round for the side part btw) hooking 144 back post DCs. This will lead to that tiny edge between bottom and side.

Please note the following: I begin each round with CH 3 which stand for the first DC basically.

Well, that's it so far. Up next is the side including the necessary modifications for the drawstring, maybe also the drawstring itself, we will see.

Oh and just in case anyone is wondering why I also added the weight to my notes. That helps me keeping track of how much yarn I used and how much I might still need to finish the project.

Happy Hump Day, guys!!


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