July 31, 2015

Mystery CAL - Part 3

Hey everyone,

welcome to the third and final part of our Mystery CAL!

Today we are putting the crochet pieces together. Let's start with the half moon shapes. Lay them over one another left sides facing and crochet SCs along the round side using the beige yarn that is still attached to the beige half moon shape.

Afterwards, cut the yarn and sew in the end. You should now have something that looks like a little pouch.

Up next, stitch two arcs onto the larger reddish brown triangle as seen in the following picture. They are supposed to look like closed eyes by the way.

Afterwards, slip stitch all the pieces together using the reddish brown yarn that is still attached to the bigger triangle like shown here (without the beige piece!). Make sure you sandwich the two small reddish brown triangles between the large triangle and the reddish brown half moon shape so to say.

And I think most of you might know by now that we are actually hooking a little fox pouch :)

Last but not least, attached the black button to the beige half moon shape and you're done!

I hope you all enjoyed our small Mystery CAL! Please be so kind and give me some feedback leaving a comment below. Should I host another CAL in the future? Was the pattern too simple/complicated?...

And who wants to share his/her fox pouch? In case you're interested, please send me an email (address in the menu bar on the right =>...) with a picture attached to it. I'll post it here on my blog then :)

Thanks to all for participating and have great weekend!


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