July 29, 2015

Mystery CAL - Part 2

Welcome back, everyone!

So here's part 2 of our Mystery CAL...

Today we are hooking three triangles using the reddish brown yarn. Start each triangle off with three SC into a magical ring or into one CH, whatever you feel more comfy with. 
From the second row on, always start with CH 1 and 2 SC into the same stitch. In the middle of the row, you have to hook 3 SC into one stitch and at the end of the row you have to hook 2 SC into the last stitch. That makes a total of four SC more each row.

For the first two pieces crochet two small triangles following this pattern:

At the and of the sixth and last row, don't (!) cut of the yarn. Instead, sew in just the beginning. Then get back to the end and hook CH 1.

Then fold the triangle in half and hook SCs along the bottom. The mini triangle you just made should now be connected on two sides basically. Now you can cut the yarn and sew in the end.

The third part is made pretty similar. There are just a couple more rounds and in the last round instead of those 3 SC in the middle you have to hook 1 SC, CH 6, 1 SC. You may have to adjust the number of CHs here so that it fits the button you chose.

All in all, the longest side of the third triangle should somehow match the diameter of the reddish brown half moon shape we hooked yesterday. So just add a few more rounds or skip some to adjust the length. I'm known for hooking quite tight, 11 rows worked for me here. 

When you're done with this piece as well, once again don't (!) cut the yarn. Instead just sew in the beginning.

So that's it for today, check back in on Friday for the third and final part of our Mystery CAL :)


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