July 27, 2015

Mystery CAL - Part 1

Alright fellow crochet people,

let's begin our Mystery CAL :)

As I already told you in the announcement, you will need the following materials:
- Beige yarn, e.g. Schachenmayr Bravo
- Reddish brown yarn, e.g. Schachenmayr Bravo
- Black stitching embroidery thread
- One medium sized black button

Plus these tools:
- Crochet hook (4mm when using Schachenmayr Bravo)
- Scissors
- Needle

And here's the pattern for the first two pieces.
Start with CH 7. All in all, you have to hook six rounds consisting only of DCs. The beginning of each round is CH 3 which stand for one DC. You will constantly increase the stitches per round by six.

Hook one half moon shaped piece with the reddish brown yarn. Cut yarn and sew in beginning as well as end.

Hook another half moon shaped piece using the beige yarn. This time don't (!) cut the yarn, only sew in the beginning.

And that's it for today! Stay tuned for Part 2...


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