July 1, 2015

CrissCross Crochet Smartphone Cozy & Other Things

Hey all,

how are you doing this Wednesday afternoon/evening/night/morning?

A couple of weeks ago I came across a book at Amazon about something called CrissCross Crochet. That's a crochet stitch that later allows you to cross stitch on it pretty comfortably. The thing is I'm not really willing to purchase a book for 10 € when all I'm interested in is the technique and not the patterns. Luckily, there's this awesome function at amazon called "Look inside" and in this case it showed a preview of the exact pages that contain the instructions on how to crisscross crochet. Lucky me :)

So far, the book only seems to be available in German. So here's the link to Amazon DE ...

Of course I had to try out this funky crochet technique right away. And I picked something easy to begin with, namely a simple smartphone cozy:

The yarn I used is Schachenmayr Egypto Cotton btw. I figured the thinner the yarn, the softer everything turns out and the nicer it is to cross stitch on it.

Apart from that I've got something else to show you. About one and a half weeks ago I spent some time in Erfurt visiting Kristin and André. In one of the many cute stores in Erfurt I found this - and bought it of course:

My very first stork scissors, yay :) Aren't they beautiful!!!

Oh and I got some new washi tapes at the local crafts store a couple of days ago:

I instantly fell in love with the pattern the moment I saw them and couldn't resist buying them :)

What crafting suppliers did you buy lately? Yarn, washi tape as well, maybe some nice paper?


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