July 31, 2015

Mystery CAL - Part 3

Hey everyone,

welcome to the third and final part of our Mystery CAL!

Today we are putting the crochet pieces together. Let's start with the half moon shapes. Lay them over one another left sides facing and crochet SCs along the round side using the beige yarn that is still attached to the beige half moon shape.

Afterwards, cut the yarn and sew in the end. You should now have something that looks like a little pouch.

Up next, stitch two arcs onto the larger reddish brown triangle as seen in the following picture. They are supposed to look like closed eyes by the way.

Afterwards, slip stitch all the pieces together using the reddish brown yarn that is still attached to the bigger triangle like shown here (without the beige piece!). Make sure you sandwich the two small reddish brown triangles between the large triangle and the reddish brown half moon shape so to say.

And I think most of you might know by now that we are actually hooking a little fox pouch :)

Last but not least, attached the black button to the beige half moon shape and you're done!

I hope you all enjoyed our small Mystery CAL! Please be so kind and give me some feedback leaving a comment below. Should I host another CAL in the future? Was the pattern too simple/complicated?...

And who wants to share his/her fox pouch? In case you're interested, please send me an email (address in the menu bar on the right =>...) with a picture attached to it. I'll post it here on my blog then :)

Thanks to all for participating and have great weekend!


July 29, 2015

Mystery CAL - Part 2

Welcome back, everyone!

So here's part 2 of our Mystery CAL...

Today we are hooking three triangles using the reddish brown yarn. Start each triangle off with three SC into a magical ring or into one CH, whatever you feel more comfy with. 
From the second row on, always start with CH 1 and 2 SC into the same stitch. In the middle of the row, you have to hook 3 SC into one stitch and at the end of the row you have to hook 2 SC into the last stitch. That makes a total of four SC more each row.

For the first two pieces crochet two small triangles following this pattern:

At the and of the sixth and last row, don't (!) cut of the yarn. Instead, sew in just the beginning. Then get back to the end and hook CH 1.

Then fold the triangle in half and hook SCs along the bottom. The mini triangle you just made should now be connected on two sides basically. Now you can cut the yarn and sew in the end.

The third part is made pretty similar. There are just a couple more rounds and in the last round instead of those 3 SC in the middle you have to hook 1 SC, CH 6, 1 SC. You may have to adjust the number of CHs here so that it fits the button you chose.

All in all, the longest side of the third triangle should somehow match the diameter of the reddish brown half moon shape we hooked yesterday. So just add a few more rounds or skip some to adjust the length. I'm known for hooking quite tight, 11 rows worked for me here. 

When you're done with this piece as well, once again don't (!) cut the yarn. Instead just sew in the beginning.

So that's it for today, check back in on Friday for the third and final part of our Mystery CAL :)


July 27, 2015

Mystery CAL - Part 1

Alright fellow crochet people,

let's begin our Mystery CAL :)

As I already told you in the announcement, you will need the following materials:
- Beige yarn, e.g. Schachenmayr Bravo
- Reddish brown yarn, e.g. Schachenmayr Bravo
- Black stitching embroidery thread
- One medium sized black button

Plus these tools:
- Crochet hook (4mm when using Schachenmayr Bravo)
- Scissors
- Needle

And here's the pattern for the first two pieces.
Start with CH 7. All in all, you have to hook six rounds consisting only of DCs. The beginning of each round is CH 3 which stand for one DC. You will constantly increase the stitches per round by six.

Hook one half moon shaped piece with the reddish brown yarn. Cut yarn and sew in beginning as well as end.

Hook another half moon shaped piece using the beige yarn. This time don't (!) cut the yarn, only sew in the beginning.

And that's it for today! Stay tuned for Part 2...


July 22, 2015

How To CrissCross Crochet

Hey all,

I really enjoyed this (new?!) crochet technique called crisscross crochet but unfortunately couldn't find any proper instructions online that I could share with you. So I thought I should come up with some of my own. VoilĂ  :)

Let's start with the basic crisscross stitch which is nothing more than two single crochet combined. Please note that crisscross crochet only works if you work in rounds. It's a bit like amigurumi I would say.

Click on image to enlarge

And here's how to change from one round to another. First you pull the yarn through the last stitch of the current round, then you pull the yarn through the very first stitch of the current round, add one ch and then go on in the new round you just started with the basic stitch I showed you above.

Click on image to enlarge

Happy Hookin' everyone :)


REMINDER: Our Mystery CAL begins next Monday :)

July 19, 2015

Teeny-Tiny Mystery CAL coming up!

Hey Crafters,

just quickly popping in this Sunday because I've go a little announcement to make:
Paper, Wool & Yarn will be hosting its first CAL - woohoo!!!

Oh, I can tell you, this is exciting for me! I've been thinking about doing a CAL for quite a while already but now seems to be the perfect time.

So here are the details...

Our Mystery CAL will start on Monday, the 27th of July 2015. The first instructions will be posted on that day, part 2 and 3 will follow on Wednesday and Friday the same week.

You need:
- Beige yarn, e.g. from Schachenmayr Bravo (a quarter of a skein or less)
- Reddish brown yarn, e.g. from Schachenmayr Bravo (about half a skein; choose a not too dark shade as you need to stitch on it with the embroidery thread)
- Black stitching embroidery thread (about 50-60 cm should do)
- One medium sized black button

Plus these tools:
- Crochet hook (4mm when using Schachenmayr Bravo)
- Scissors
- Needle

So who else is excited :)


July 15, 2015

Travel Journal

Hello all!

So how has everyone been doing lately?

Today I'd like to share with you all my travel journal. So just in case you're wondering why the instagram pictures are already 4 and 2 weeks old: I wanted to blog about this one for quite a while now but sort of forgot all the time ;)

Well, my travel journal is as a matter of fact a Moleskine Cahier. These neutral looking notebooks come in packages of three. I bought mine in size large, ruled and in a brown paper style. I must say, I sort of became a Moleskine girl lately :)

Okay, so I took one of these cahiers and drew a travel-styled design on the front cover.
Do you guys keep travel journals as well? If so, how does yours look like?

Thanks for stopping by!


July 8, 2015

Crochet Bottle Holder

Hey everybody,

again, I used one of my pins as inspiration for a new crochet project. Every  now and then I like to hook things that are quick to make and this one definitely falls into that category. So today I've got a Bottle Holder for you!

Pin can be found right here:

Plus here's the DIRECT LINK...

And this is how my version turned out:


I'm actually thinking about making another one using a different yarn. This time I went for Schachenmayr Bravo (a little stash-busting...), which I think looks too bulky. Maybe a thinner cotton yarn with a slightly thicker hook than recommended would have been better.

I'm curios, what kind of quick to hook projects have you been working on lately?


PS: For more pinspired projects, please have a look right here => Uta's Pinspired Projects

PSS: And for more stash-busting projects this way please => Uta's Stash-Busting Projects

July 1, 2015

CrissCross Crochet Smartphone Cozy & Other Things

Hey all,

how are you doing this Wednesday afternoon/evening/night/morning?

A couple of weeks ago I came across a book at Amazon about something called CrissCross Crochet. That's a crochet stitch that later allows you to cross stitch on it pretty comfortably. The thing is I'm not really willing to purchase a book for 10 € when all I'm interested in is the technique and not the patterns. Luckily, there's this awesome function at amazon called "Look inside" and in this case it showed a preview of the exact pages that contain the instructions on how to crisscross crochet. Lucky me :)

So far, the book only seems to be available in German. So here's the link to Amazon DE ...

Of course I had to try out this funky crochet technique right away. And I picked something easy to begin with, namely a simple smartphone cozy:

The yarn I used is Schachenmayr Egypto Cotton btw. I figured the thinner the yarn, the softer everything turns out and the nicer it is to cross stitch on it.

Apart from that I've got something else to show you. About one and a half weeks ago I spent some time in Erfurt visiting Kristin and André. In one of the many cute stores in Erfurt I found this - and bought it of course:

My very first stork scissors, yay :) Aren't they beautiful!!!

Oh and I got some new washi tapes at the local crafts store a couple of days ago:

I instantly fell in love with the pattern the moment I saw them and couldn't resist buying them :)

What crafting suppliers did you buy lately? Yarn, washi tape as well, maybe some nice paper?