June 24, 2015

Crochet Bath Poof

Hey all,

guess what, here's another pinspired crochet project :)

I thought it would be a great start to work on some of the quicker to realize projects from my Crochet Pinterest Board. And this one did not only look like it would be pretty quick to hook, it also looked cool and it's kind of an eco-friendly thingy. So decision made!

For you pinners out there, here's the pin:

Furthermore, the pattern can be found right HERE

And here's how my Bath Poofs turned out:

The yarn: Schachenmayr Cotton Bamboo Batik, 50% Cotton & 50% Viscose, recommended hook size 3-4mm (I used a 4mm hook), color codes are 90 (the greyish one) and 92 (the blueish one)

And the only tweak I made was starting with a magic ring instead of ch 5 joined with a slip stitch.

Oh and they definitely were quite quick to make. One took just a little longer than one Charmed episode to hook ;)

What kind of eco-friendly projects have you been working on lately? Maybe some makup pads? A bath poof as well?


PS: More of my eco posts can be found here => Uta's eco Posts

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