May 25, 2015

Let's have tea, shall we?!

Good afternoon ladies (and possibly gentlemen as well, one never knows),

so this lovely Monday turns out to be another public holiday over here in Germany. Pentecost I assume is the correct English term for it. Anyways, I thought this holiday would be a nice occasion to have tea together, don't you think? I even made some sandwiches.

I brewed us black tea because you can't go wrong with black tea, can you? O'Sullivan's Favourite it's called to be exact and it's from TeeGschendner, one of my most favorite tea companies. Doesn't it taste wonderful?

So how's the weather in your region? Is it also raining? I remember this morning the sun was shining bright but around lunch time it turned rainy. And the temperatures also fell quite a bit. I even had to turn on the heating again. Can you imagine, it's the end of May and you have turn on the heating to not feel cold? Dreadful.

Even all the housework that kept me busy up until now couldn't keep me warm. Well, at least now all the laundry is done. Furthermore, I even managed to finally tidy out my office. Quite a successful day, though.

Now wasn't it nice meeting for tea? I think we should do that again soon.
Have a lovely evening my dear!


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