October 7, 2014

Halloween Decor: Mini Crochet Pumpkin

Hey All!

The last project is online! I know you already missed some crocheting in this Halloween crafting project series so here we go!
This one is quick and easy to hook. You can vary the size of your pumpkin very easily by choosing a different kind of yarn or by adjusting the hook size.

You need
  • Orange yarn (e.g. Wollbutt Acrylic Yarn, 3mm hook recommended)
  • Green yarn (e.g. Wollbutt Acrylic Yarn, 3mm hook recommended)
  • Crochet hook (e.g. 3mm)
  • Scissors
  • Needles

Basics: Begin every row with 1 CH and close every row with 1 ST. Z means you have to hook two SC into one stitch, A means, you  have to hook one SC into two stitches.
R1: 6 SC [6]
R2: 6x Z [12]
R3: 6x (Z, 1 SC) [18]
R4: Z, 3x SC, Z, 4x SC, Z, 3x SC, Z, 4x SC [22]
R5: Z, 4x SC, Z, 5x SC, Z, 4x SC, Z, 5x SC [26]
R6: 26x SC [26]
R7: 26x SC [26]
R8: 26x SC [26]
R9: 2x SC, A, 5x SC, A, 4x SC, A, 5x SC, A, 2x SC [22]
R10: 4x SC, A, 3x SC, A, 4x SC, A, 3x SC, A [18]
R11: 6x (A, 1 SC)  [12]
R12: 6x A [6]

You should start stuffing the little pumpkin around Row 10.
After you finished Row 12, cut the yarn leaving a thread of about minimum 30 cm. Now get a needle and close the pumpkin.

Where you just closed the pumpkin is the bottom. Use the same needle and stitch through the pumpkin right in the middle from the bottom to the top. Repeat 5 times and make sure to pull the thread real tight. Sew in the thread.

Afterwards, knot two strings of green yarn to the top of the pumpkin, braid them for about 1 cm, make a knot and cut the yarn.


Happy Hookin'!



  1. E "voilá"...lindo e rápido de executar!
    Bj amigo

  2. Very cute pumpkin - thanks for sharing your pattern with us. :)


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