September 29, 2014

Just poppin' in...

... to let you know I'm still alive !!!

Life has been quite busy for me lately. One of my projects at work is making me work too many extra hours, is keeping my mind too occupied and is causing too much stress to handle at the moment. Plus in my case continuous stress frequently leads to migraine attacks now and then, such fun.

Aside from that, I sort of just realized Christmas is not too far away, so I'm currently hooking, crafting and knooking a couple of presents I can't show you until the end of the year.

So please be patient with me for another couple of day. I have a thrifty Halloween crafting series coming up starting October 1st so stay tuned :)



  1. I hope your work calms down for you real soon, and that the stress will go away. Have a good day. :)


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