September 1, 2014

Happy Fall Y'All!

For me the beginning of september marks the return of autumn! (not just meteorologically ;) ) So yesterday it was high time to finish my Fall Bucket List 2014. I don't have as much on my list as last year. But it's still enough to do. For all of you who can't decipher my handwriting, here's what's on my list:

Fall Bucket List 2014
fly a kite
corn maze!
make peach liqueur
wander through the woods
bake pumpkin cookies
go on a fall picnic
visit a pumpkin patch
fall playlist!
drive home for halloween
knit christmas presents
make a fall simmer pot
start a christmas cake
Harry Potter marathon + Dead Poets Society
Enjoy Cozy Evenings With A Book In My Hands And My Dog Next To Me

So despite of the things on my list, I think I'll sneak in some points of Uta's marvellous Autumn Bucket List in my this year's fall season :) It's the best season of the year and there's so much to enjoy! So
Happy fall y'all!

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  1. Oh that is a great bucket list, Kristin :) I'm definitely looking forward to see some pictures :)


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