July 6, 2014

What's in my Workbasket

Hey Ladies,

I thought it would be about time to take stock of all that unfinished projects lingering in my workbasket. Let's have a look, shall we?

Currently in progress are...

GLASS JAR COVERS   I just started this project a couple of days ago, last Monday about half an hour before heading to work to be exact. As I told you earlier, I'm trying to add more crafty accessories to my craft room / home office. Last weekend, I went through that huge messy box of pens, rulers, rubbers, highlighters and whatnot, sorted everything through and into some glass jars of various sizes. The glass jars look a bit blank so I thought I should add some color by simply hooking some nice covers. Well, I'm doing a bit of free styling here at the moment, let's see how things turn out. I'm quite positive that I'm going to get those covers finished quite soon.

MINI GRANNY SQUARE BRACELETS   You might remember that little craft store shopping haul and the yarn I bought a little while ago. The yarn is fabulous, unfortunately the plastic crochet hook isn't. I started to hook a few small granny squares with it but then got pretty annoyed and decided to put this project on hold and order a metal crochet hook as a replacement. So I'm currently waiting for my Prym size 2 metal crochet hook to arrive.

A CHRISTMAS PRESENT  I started this one in April and I made pretty good progress up to now. No further details at this point :)

Currently Hibernating are...

KNITTED SCARF   I started this knitted scarf almost a year ago and so far it's about 20 cm long. I've got it on my agenda again for Fall/Winter this year, let's see...

LACY CROCHET HANDKERCHIEF EDGING   After I finished the first round of SC, I misplaced the pattern. So I guess, I might have to unravel it and start all over again with a new pattern. Well, some day.

Starting soon are...

CROCHET HANGERS   I found this great pattern online, Dottie Angel's Happy Hangers. My first attempt unfortunately ended up in a total mess. I guess the hanger I wanted to hook this for was simply to big. I'm going to give it another try soon - with a slightly modified pattern.

CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS   As I told you earlier, I'm currently working on new ornaments for my Christmas tree. The first I finished were the little snowmen, up next are some stockings.

And that's it!

I will keep you posted on the progress of the different projects :)


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