July 25, 2014

This & That

I just quickly wanted to share with you three things:

1) I finally organized some yarn scraps using little card board cards

2) I am so hooked on Flow Magazine and Mollie Makes thanks to my friend Kristin

3) I'm in love with Liquorice & Spearmint tea and desperately searching for a shop near Kassel who's selling it

And that's it :)

Have a nice weekend, ladies!



  1. I hope you can find the tea you're looking for. Have a great weekend too. :)

  2. I can get the tea here in Berlin and it will be my pleasure to send you a package regularly! Just let me know, whenever you need a new on :-) You will receive the first package this week, promised!

  3. Dear Kristin, you are an angel! But please don't rush! First, take your time to settle back in at home after your wonderful journey :)


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