June 15, 2014

Someone finally got a Smartphone

Yes, after years of negating when asked whether I could be contacted via WhatsApp I finally joined the smartphone crowd. With a cell phone still working (more or less properly) and a Blackberry paid by my employer that I was allowed to use for private calls without paying for them I never really felt the urge to join the 21st century in matters of mobile communication. Well, I finally surrendered and got me a darn smartphone. I don't have a problem with being a bit old school but I sort of felt a bit lost behind lately so I though it would be the time to jump on the WhatsApp wagon. So I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3, cut my SIM card so it fit into the MicroSim slot and turned that thing on. I sort of still feel a bit overwhelmed but that's just a matter of time I assume.

Anyways, what I initially wanted to blog about is what I made for my new smartphone. The thing is, I totally forgot to add a case or something equivalent to the cart when I ordered my S3. Smartphone in hand I decided this sweet fragile device definitely needs some protection so I quickly put together some layers of felt I had laying around and called it a smartphone cozy:


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